The eCo-cover company team is committed to excellence.
We take pride that every eCo-cover that gets shipped has passed the strictest quality controls to ensure happy customers. We believe that virtually all disposable products should be made from earth-friendly materials. We are committed to this goal.


We have been manufacturing and offering earth-friendly products for over a decade. During this last decade, we have witnessed technological breakthroughs which can alter society’s path, and allow virtually all disposable products to be made from earth-friendly materials. Society needs to address a growing problem.


100's of millions of obsolete cell phones and covers are thrown away every year. They fill-up scarce landfill resources, quietly adding more and more plastic pollution to our Earth, even our oceans. Consumers seek, yet find few, green options in the tech world to address this problem.


As passionate eco-manufacturers, we have harnessed and introduced a new revolutionary green material, a non-GMO 'corn-rubber’, which virtually outperforms plastic cell covers, to fill this void in the cell industry for an excellent, eco-friendly cover!


Looking at the market and seeing no company offering a non-toxic cover alternative, we took the leap into the market with the eCo-cover...and we are glad we did!


A high density 'corn-rubber' cell cover with high-impact shock absorption that makes the phone bounce when dropped. Finally, you can drop your iPhone worry-free!

Watch why:  https://youtu.be/sGEzCy-doAQ

High-quality, robust and precision engineered, a bumper around the face of the cover protects from face-drops. The corners have extra protection. Slim-fit, textured surfaces offer non-slip from jeans.
Designed for 100% sensor and camera function!


To make protection even better, we now offer an unbreakable, NASA TEMPERED GLASS (IPG) Invisible Phone Guard for 100% full protection!


Perfect for parents with teething toddlers with concerns about toxic chemicals used in today’s soft-touch and plastic cases.
The eCo-cover is BPA/BPS-Free, Lead-Free, and made in the USA from non-GMO corn. All of the colors we use come from minerals from our Earth. The Baby-Safe cover!

10-year life, yet compostable! Made in Nebraska, USA
and the soft-touch feel is like no other cover on the market.

The eCo-cover is...the worry-free cover... that everyone should have!

Buy Now: http://theecocover.com/products