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Watch why to protect your phone with an eCo-cover!

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6/6S Plus iPhone eCo-cover - rough and tough

6/6S iPhone eCo-cover testimonial

Written Testimonials:

"I love my cover! I’ve dropped my phone several times since making the switch and it has protected it perfectly! Great design!" - Joshua

"Best cell phone case on the market!
Best cell phone case I've ever bought. This case actually protects my phone without being bulky. The textured sides is a great touch. I never worry about my iPhone 6 slipping out of my hands and it still comes in and out of my front pants pocket with ease. I also like that it's Eco-Friendly made from corn, right here in the USA! I will for sure purchase another when I get my next new phone!" – John C

"Great to see the iPhone 6S cover came out. My buddy has I phone 5 eCo- cover and he loves it. After seeing it and feeling it. I knew I had to have it. I feel much better about having this cover on my phone. I have been concerned that I would damage it without a good cover like this. I am glad a company finally came out with a good product. And fact that it is made in the USA. And made from corn and I don't have to worry about it having chemicals that the foreign countries put in there products. Plus I like the combo pack with the glass protector. Very happy." - Ed W


"Best cover ever, I have used this for my iPhone 4S and love it, We call it our green phone, because it is made from biodegradable, BPA, GMO free corn product. In addition to being the greenest product out there, it is really a superior soft rubber like material and when I dropped my phone on the hospital floor the phone was fully protected. It is fitted perfectly and I think better than an Otter case. There is no downside to this cover it works for the environment, me and is the best quality case I personally have seen. I love to give them for gifts." - Dr. K

"Wonderful GREEN product. USA made. This is a truly great GREEN product! Unlike plastic phone covers, the eCo-cover doesn't slip out of hands or pockets per its "rubbery" feel, but made from CORN! Baby safe BPA free makes it ok for our grand-babies to chew on and handle. So we protect our phones, grandkids, and the environment all at once. So cool." - Dave J

"Cover works great. Finally a cover that actually works, protects drops (and who doesn't drop their ever-present phone?), feels great, resilient and tough, for us touchy-feely types,and really, really amazing, is bio-degradable. USA made helps too."  - Rex P.

"Everyone should have this iPhone case! I have been using the Eco Cover for my iPhones (first the 5, now the 6) since the products were introduced, and they are simply the most functional, reliable iPhone cases on the market. The tactile feel in your hand is exceptional, which keeps the phone in your hand in the first place. Inevitably, though, phones hit the ground. And that's where these cases really perform. They are the perfect blend of form and function. It looks great and feels great, and it protects the iPhone from damage no matter how severe the drop. And oh by the way - it's environmentally friendly, BPA- and GMO-free, and Made in the USA. I don't understand why everyone doesn't have one."
– Jane T

"Great Product – ECO Green. Love the way it is non slip easy to grip -unbreakable-ECO-non GMO-American made-Great product!!"  - Joy D

"The eCo cover is a wonderful product. BPA free, Unbreakable, soft like rubber and comes from renewable resource. I love that its made in the USA from corn." - Stephen

"Loved my iPhone 5 eCo-cover. Worked perfectly on drops. Looking forward to the 6 cover!" – Michael K

"Great Quality, Environmentally Friendly. Great quality product feels indestructible and helps the environment at the same time. Would highly recommend to others. I also like that it included the IPG Invisible Screen Guard." – Rob K

"I love my eco-cover! It fits my phone perfectly and has held up better than any other case I have ever had! With a 2yr toddler, my phone cases usually don’t last long! I love the color choices available, the fact that they are Eco-friendly, and manufactured locally!" - Tina

"I love my new handy  GMO free corn COMPOSTABLE  iPhone cover how does it get any better than that? A COMPOSTABLE Phone cover that I can feel guilt free when it’s time for a new one!! It feels great and I don’t have to be carrying around plastic for the first time thanks!" - Kim

"I’m in love with my new eCo-cover cell phone cover for my iPhone 5s.  The impressive durability for its weight, and the fact that it’s made of corn make this a must have.  Plus I just feel good about owning it, and I’m showing it off to all my friends." - Peter

"Since I got my iPhone eCo-cover, I don’t worry about damaging, or breaking my iPhone anymore. Because the Cover would prevent that to happen. I’m really satisfied because it resistant, flexible, and the most important thing unbreakable." - Doug